Soul Rescue

Soul Rescue

Soul rescue, removal and retrieval

This is a practice by which you will need a person who is able to travel between worlds, safely and also they need to  be at a high level of psychic ability,in order to carry out this process correctly and safely, not just for the souls they are helping but also their own mental and physical wellbeing.

On the most parts a person dies and the soul leaves its physical form and returns to its source light , however on some occasions a soul may be trapped or held hear,There are many reasons why this may happen. I will give you a few examples:

  • A family member may grieve so much that
  • they are holding the soul of the deceased   on the earth plain
  • A person may die and not realise there dead
  • They may be angry that their life has ended, or had a sad death
  • Find themselves stuck and unable to see the light take them home
  • A person may know they are dead and do not want to leave the earth plane in this case they are often attached to a physical object or desire,
    A soul becomes lost and confused
  • A soul may be anger at changes eg the new occupier of their house which they lived in life is making changes they  don’t approve us
    The soul has been tricked by darker forces, (those not of light)
    A soul is held here by another soul
  • A soul is negative and is fleeing from even darker forces
  • A soul simply does not want to go
  • A mortal has generated a portal and captured lost souls
  • Hauntings due to  Ouija board activity
  • Individuals drawing souls back to this plane for their own ends,

These are just a few case that I have experienced in my time as a shadow walker. Walking between world , viewing  the past , and communicating with the deceased  was one of my first gifts to develop, there are a number of cases where an individual has made a pact with the negative forces or entity, were the dark ones have a foothold and will collect as many souls as they can light or dark. I have worked on a number of such cases, this is just tip of the iceberg,

However do not be alarmed as 99% of people die and move over without  difficulties. I was asked after a person read extracts from my book ‘The phoenix in the Shadows’  if someone comes to get us when we die, and if this is the case why are there so many souls not at rest? One of the answers most people are only concerned with the living and haven’t given the dead much thought other than, medium’s who prove life after death and are able to pass on messages to other, offering a  source of comfort, many souls of loved ones will visit us in times of sadness, and on occasions, share in our joys, there’s are not to be confused with lost souls or those having difficulties moving over, it is simply that were are in another form of conscious light and vibrational energy form, life goes on.

And to the question, why?

many years have passed and it is assumed we die we move over and that is that the ancients and the natives knew the above was possible and worked to aid souls passing preventing much of the above.

As modern man became more involved in the world of man and not a spirit, he  lost his connection and the need to ensure the deceased were taken care of too. And so the work of the soul rescuer, medium, shaman , but to name a few, carries on, haunted house cleared and a number of entities sent to their various places of rest, or in the case of the dark ones, trapped, removed, or sent back from where they came .

If you have  such a problem as a hunting or are been disturbed, by unwanted spirits, the whole process simply involves a visit to the premises, where the entity is, or in the case of an individual having an attachment of an unwanted entity Then removal can be at a set location,

The method used to trap remove, or rescue a soul,  is at the discretion of spirit,  I am merely the channel.