Home Clearing

House and Space Cleansing (basic method)

For your homes, workplaces and sacred spaces.

You will need to consider other people within the area you wish to cleanse and also what you are in fact cleaning it from, and what your aim is.

Be aware that you should not use oils which may cause irritation, or risk to epileptics, and pregnant women

With smudge, resin and incense, you need to be aware of any fire precautions, plus setting off fire and smoke detectors, so we will focus as if it is your home, and personal space.

The basic method is the same for all ways of cleansing, you will need to be aware of staining furnishings with sprays and oils and with hot ash and cinder burning floors or carpets, etc.

Pre-prepare your method, get it ready to light or spray.

Do some breathing exercises, for example, three breath balance.

Call in your power or source of light you wish to assist you. Focus on your intent.

Light or take your chosen method and begin in a corner of the room. You can create your own words or below are a few suggestions. Use your intuition and when first starting try to keep it simple.

For example, ‘I cleanse this house/space/office with love and light, all negative energy will now take flight… in its place only love and light’.

Now move to the next corner until you have cleansed all corners of the room.

You can also then cleanse other walls or items within the room, even a chair, for example if you feel the person that had sat there has left negative energy behind.

Anything you buy e.g. crystals, jewellery, needs to be cleansed, and your own items that you wear as amulets or protection must also be cleansed, as they will absorb negative energy, think of it as wearing the same socks week in and week out.

You can cleanse areas that have heavy traffic like doorways and hallways, adjoining walls form other houses, and the vibrations from others next door can affect you.

Try drawing sacred symbols with the smoke, wands or feathers over doors and windows or on walls, Reiki symbols, or pentagrams as an example.

Be inventive and personal, after all it’s your personal space.

Blessing your home

Blessings, when you say to someone bless you, you are in fact placing up on them just that, good fortune, good luck, pagans will use a besom, to sweep away
negativity, and would bless the house with the gods and goddesses, shamans would, drum, dance and  burn white sage and bless, the list is endless each culture has its own way of blessing a home.

House blessings are also personal, and from experience most of the work I am called to clear a house of unwanted influences and energy’s, and a blessing and protection is left after the work is done, it’s not very often I’m asked to just come and bless something or somewhere new.

Again it is like cleaning and cleansing a new place, needs just a little time, energy and love, and this may in the future prevent negative energy gaining a foot hold. You can bless a room, or just one area of the house where it feel negative, simply invite light beings of your choosing into your home.

First, you need to collect a few tools. Choose a selection of what you feel appropriate.

  • A tray*
  • A nice silk or piece of fabric*
  • A candle represents light* (fire hazard)
  • Small bowl of rock or sea salt
  • Some sound such as a bell, singing bowl ting sures*
  • You can use a drum
  • A flower or herbs*
  • A food offering such as small bowl of rice
  • Spring water (bottled is ok* ( challis well water or holly water is also good)
  • A representation of your faith. eg. a crucifix
  • Wands I use wooden or crystal , if I’m using wood I will mix water, (or salt water if ) dip the wand in and cast it into the area (salt water can stain)
  • Energy sprays and oils  (staining hazard) you may add these to the water when preparing the tray
  • A blessing prayer or invocation its ok to read it out from paper
  • Use other personal items that you think may be appropriate; remember you have to carry this from room to room.

Once again it is personal, and I would encourage you to write your own blessings and prayers, you are inviting god energy, or divine source, into your home, you are calling on the angels , beings
of light and assisting ancestors in aiding you in creating a peaceful place. Where no negative may remain.  Disharmonies in a house will attract and invite disharmony in, teenagers, anger, stress, unrest of any kind, will find security, so clean your home, like you wash your socks once a week is good practice. My blessings vary from home to home and person, depending on what I wish to achieve again we have that word intention.

Prepare yourself, find whatever you need to be in a peaceful and calm state of mind before you begin, you may meditate or do the four breath breathing, clean your aura, and anyone else who is with you.

Say a little prayer or chant as you prepare the tray. Do it with intention and reverence. Place the clover or silk on the tray, Then light and lay our candles, water, a small bowl of salt a flower or herbs, bell or sound.

Add your other items. Lay them out with care. When you have done this take your tray in your hands and call upon your guides, angels or other divine sources and ask that they come forth and be present, and bless the objects.

eg. I/we call to the beings of light, the holy angels, and peace bringers, we ask that they  come forth, and bring their love and blessings to this ceremony.

Go to the room you wish to start in, start in the corners of the room like on a clearing.

Dip your fingers into the water essence  and draw symbols eg. Reiki, crosses, pentagram’s, (if the water is pure you may also dip your wand in and
flick a minute amount into the corner.)

And say a blessing, such as:
eg. “I bless this house with love and light
may peace and love dwell day and
night, so let it be”

Say it three times,  you can say amen, halleluiah, namaste, or whatever you feel most appropriate.

You can add names of angels, ascended masters and other spiritual beings.

Repeat over windows, doors , and adjoining wall of others houses. When you have done all the rooms leave the tray in the room you have finished on, close with a prayer of gratitude and thanks, (for safety do not leave a lit candle unattended)

Author: Helen Taylor 1927
Bless this house O Lord we pray;
Make it safe by night and day;
Bless these walls so firm and stout,
Keeping want and trouble out;
Bless the roof and chimneys tall,
Let thy peace lie over all;
Bless this door, that it may
prove ever open to joy and love.
Bless these windows shining bright,
Letting in God’s heavenly light;
Bless the hearth a ‘blazing there, With
smoke ascending like a prayer;
Bless the folk who dwell within,
Keep them pure and free from sin;
Bless us all that we may be Fit O Lord to dwell with  thee;
Bless us all that one day we May dwell O Lord with thee