Blue Ray and Blue Flame of Atlantis Therapy

Blue Ray and Blue Flame of Atlantis

This was recently given to me in December 2011 after my first meeting with Stewart Pearce.

On my return, I was accompanied by a pink angelic being who gave me healing and advice. At first, it was a cobalt blue energy that began to vibrate through me and my eyes, I was later given a guide called Jeremiah who gave me instruction, over a number of months, on how to use this new energy. It is channelled through me and is normally used for healing individuals focusing on the etheric, and spiritual issues which cause the imbalance within the person. I was also told I can command this energy, as I feel appropriate, which was for me something I found, at first, rather daunting, as I am in service, I offer myself as merely a channel and being trusted to use the Blue flame wisely is humbling. This was also when spirit renamed me, ‘Shadow Walker’.

This was also the time when Sai Baba came back into my life as he was the first spiritual blessing I received via an email twelve years ago. Four days after the blessing I suddenly found and bought a house.

Sai baba is one of my present guides, I connect with him in meditation and trance, and on a personal level, he has shown me how to still my third eye.

I receive personal lessons from him from time to time as he sees fit and he has visited the group on occasions.

Rainbow Flame and Rainbow Breath

This is the latest energy that I have been given to channel, for the healing of others. It works on a physical chakra level, to stimulate healing while it flows from the hands. It is also breathed through the person’s aura and chakras.

I work with many kinds of energy as the world of spirit channels the above. They are constant and applied rather the same way as Reiki, although they vibrate at a different level of frequency.

I strongly believe that, in order to give the best service, we need a bag of many different tools. As I say to my students, can you fix a car with only one spanner?

Angel-Shadow-Shadow Walker