Aura Sweep

This is a scanning method I have used for a number of years at mind body and spirit fairs, as well as small groups and one to one bookings. Due to my gifts, I am empathic and so quite sensitive to a person’s energies.

How it is applied, the client simply lays on the treatment couch or sits in a chair, whichever is more comfortable. I will move my hands through the auric field and perform a psychic scan.

What it may show:
During the auric sweep, you may receive an eclectic blend of any of the following.
As it is spirit lead, I am merely the channel:

  • Chakra balances and cleanse
  • Past life recall
  • Receive healing in the form of Reiki, Atlantis blue ray and flame, rainbow flame and breath
  • Re-balance of chakras
  • Clean and clear the auric field
  • Locate and clear negative energies
  • Locate or remove negative entities
  • Loosen and clear spirit attachments that are not for your highest good
  • Spirit connection
  • Spirit messages
  • Healing
  • Angelic tone healing, or sound healing which I am guided to apply
  • Channeling from angels, or ascended masters and other spiritual light beings
    Other therapeutic treatments as guided by spirit

One hour treatment is £20