Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing

I trained with the Tim Wheater Sound Academy, training as a Sound Healer Therapist and I also teach Mantric Sound Healing and angelic higher order of sound using over toning and chant and sometimes through song.

Tim is well known in the world of sound and leads the way in sound vibration healing.

Sound Instruments


The Treatment

Sound vibrations are used to stimulate healing in mind, body and spirit. It uses pitches, tones, and vibrations, which act like waves flowing through the body, bringing balance and healing to all parts of our being, and it is safe to treat all ages.

Each part of the body has a particular vibration, right down to a cellular level, and the treatment corresponds to the vibrations, re-balancing the areas in need.

Sound Room

Why Sound?

We are not just made up of solid matter, we are multi-dimension beings that vibrate at set frequencies. Each persons’ vibration is as unique as their fingerprint, no two people are the same.

The treatment involves a relaxing, clothed session, that balances the body’s systems from the physical and mental, to the subtle energy fields such as the chakras, Aura, and Meridians. Imbalances are re-balanced and self-healing is stimulated by using a range of sound frequency vibrations, to address the individual’s needs. Sessions include a range of instruments, such as drums, rain sticks, chimes, bells, rattles, singing bowls, sound therapy tuning forks, voice work such as toning and mantra, plus much more. Sound therapy may aid any of the following ailments and issues.

  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Pain relief
  • Pain management: creates endorphin
  • Bones, ligaments, muscles
  • Circulation, nerves and blood
  • Peace, calm, tranquility
  • Aids closed mind
  • Used in energy work to achieve higher states of consciousness
  • Settles the busy mind
  • Balances the Chakras
  • Re-patterns subtle body
  • Re-patterns physical body (Auric template)
  • Balances right and left brain hemispheres
  • Aids recovery from epidural block
  • Works on a wide range of mental and physical ailments ~ see list on drumming

Mono cord sound healing chair

Mono Chord Sound Healing Chair


The name monochord tells us, that there is only one tone. (mono = one, cord= strings). All strings are tuned in the same tone, over 3 octaves.. it stimulates. Melodies produce pictures in the brain, you may see colours or pictures.

Healing Chair

If you always have the same tone,  With the monochord, there is a chance to let go of thoughts and you get space for awareness. The brain starts listening to all the overtones and their melodies. That happens because the strings are never tuned exactly the same. The extraordinaire of the sound wave is, that the sound influences rather the body than the ears. The water in the body spreads the vibration and massages the tissue and the cells, accompanied by voice-over toning, sometimes chant or song , come through the individual to me, the sound and colours that are emitted in its energy form, are sculpted and shaped to add a deeper healing experience, one hour sound treatment.


Treatments are £20.00 for a pre-booked session held at Rainworth village hall in the Regent Room.