Sonopuncture Sound and Light Reflexology

Like many of the therapies rediscovered in the last 100 years, Reflexology is another one. Once again the Egyptians, Chinese and Indians all practised this therapy thousands of years ago.

Reflexology was rediscovered by Dr William Fitzgerald, who developed the modern zone therapy which led to the Reflexology that we know today. Reflexology strengthens and balances the body’s systems, speeds up a sluggish circulation bringing about self-healing by stimulating the meridians, which are energy lines, that run through the body. This is a method that is also used in acupuncture, and shiatsu to name but a few.

We have 72,000 nerve endings in the feet, and our bodies are mapped out in our feet. When an area within the body is out of balance, crystalline substances form in the blood stream, these are pumped around through the circulatory system. However when it comes to the feet, these little crystals are too heavy to travel back up the legs, and so remain in the feet.

The practitioner is able to identify which part of the body this is and treat accordingly, with gentle pressure point massage and sonic tuning forks,
breaking down the crystalline deposits and so stimulating the body to self-heal.

Sonic Reflexology can also be used on the hands where it is not appropriate or suitable to use on the feet.

A treatment takes 60 minutes, it is recommended that you have three treatments in a course, and then as and when you feel you need one.

Cost per treatment £23.00