Reiki Treatment

The treatment does not require any removal of clothing, other than the shoes, and takes approximately one hour. The treatment is given by an attuned practitioner who should have received adequate training and instruction. He or she will rest their hands upon you lightly, or above you.

You may feel sensations of heat, cold or tingling. You will begin to feel relaxed and calm, and may be aware of the energy flowing through you. In some, it will release old pain and karmic patterning, and it is not unusual to experience tears in the first session.

Whatever happens, it is true and absolute as Reiki flows through the practitioner and not from them. Whatever your experience is a positive movement forward. Some people may feel nothing, this does not mean Reiki is not working. It is an intelligent energy that communicates with your higher consciousness, it knows where to go and what you need most.

1 Hour Reiki Treatment £20.00

Pre-booking is required for a Reiki session, to book please contact us.