Sacred Geometry

The Sacred Phoenix, spiritual tools and meditation

An exciting new class is now available here at SSHAC. It focuses on meditation and creating higher states of awareness and journeys through the use of sacred tools, crystal grids, sound and colour. The class explores the effects of these tools on the mind, body and spirit. This class is for those wishing to expand their mind energy and open themselves up to exploration and higher potential.

This class is available to everyone and is an open invitation so feel free to invite from your friend’s list and share.

  • Monday 7-9 pm, the sacred Phoenix class will be exploring the effects of sacred geometry and spiritual tools
  • A High vibrational meditation will also be available
  • This class is £5 refreshments are also available
  • Refreshments are available to purchase
  • All drinks are £0.50 with a variety of snacks also on offer