Mindful Mantra for the Western World

Mantra transcends religion, and it can be used by everyone. This class is presented in a fun and creative format, using these ancient sacred vibrations tones and sounds to create, all manner of good things from healing to manifesting wealth.

This is a very popular class, where we chant, sing, meditations and sound creations, as well as theory of mantra, students learn to use mantra to improve your life in general from health issues to practical daily needs.

Learn about toning and how to use sounds to heal, you do not need any musical skills or a good voice, just a willing heart.

This open mantra class is held the second Thursday of the month.

  • Held at Sacred Sound Healing & Arts Centre, Kirkland Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 5QP
  • 7pm until 9pm
  • Cost £5
  • Snacks and refreshments are available to purchase

For more information contact Angie on 07806305304 or use our Contact Form.