Energy Healing Share

This is a group healing session, a light meditation to put us in the healing zone, where we use a range of energy healing, sharing and healing each other, Reiki , angelic, master, Atlatinan, spiritual but to name a few healing vibrations, that may flow through this class.

Reiki is a generic word and is used to describe many forms of energy, 5000 years ago the yellow emperor of China’s aides discovered 32 types of chi /prana / energy. There are much more in use today as we advance and grow into higher energy beings ourselves.

Gather with those of like mind give and receive energy as you feel.

Tools and equipment will be available for you to use, with guidance and instruction as necessary.

This class is £3 and takes place every 4th Monday of the month.

For more information call Angie on 07806305304 or use our Contact Form.