Angels and Higher Order of Sound and Light

Using sounds in the form of tones and chants with sacred geometry to amplify higher mind energy’s and create altered states of awareness.

This class has a number of meditations as well as development points along the way.

Learn how to call upon angels and ascended masters and beings of light to help you in your daily life.

This class now includes higher vibrational energies from the universal source, sounds and tones of higher dimensional frequency’s sacred portals and grids are integrated with this class. This class has evolved to a high spiritual vibration, and at short notice, this group can be called upon for world service work. The group works with sound vibrations of the angels, masters, and higher dimensional energies, working with many  aspects of the angelic sounds and wisdom healing the heart and seat of the soul, higher chakras are all deeply affected by this class, it is channelled and guided by the angelic realms. Practical sessions are also used, the sound chair and personal healing are all apart of this class. It aims to raise your vibration and bring your consciousness to a higher state of awareness, we have frequent visits from the Hathors, Arcturians and other light realms.

  • Held on the first Monday of the month
  • Sacred Sound Healing & Art Centre, Intake Business Centre, Mansfield
  • 7pm until 9pm
  • Cost £5
  • Snacks & refreshments are available to purchase

For more information contact Angie on 07806305304 or use our Contact Form.