DNA Spiral

How Sound and Light Affect Our Mind, Body and Spirit

Tones and sounds are vibrational frequencies measured in Herts (vibratory cycles per second) Light is also made up of vibrations and frequencies. Sound vibrations affect the brain by stimulating chemicals to be released, which may have a number of therapeutic effects, on different moods, and physical parts of the body. Each of our body systems […]

Fruit and vegetables

Mother natures larder

Avocado – New research, By Dr John Heinerman, shows that the Mayan Indians and natives of Amazon tribes who live in areas where avocado pears grew in abundance did not suffer from arthritis, it is only when they stop eating the fruit, and pick up a western diet they start suffering from the disease. Research from […]

Orkney Sheep

The Orkney Sheep Know Best

There’s some very bedraggled looking sheep wander around the Orkney islands in Scotland, their main diet consists of seaweed, they also don’t suffer from all the ill’s that your average sheep does. I used to be a shepherdess so I can tell you with hand on heart if there’s anything going you can be sure […]