The Phoenix Within


My first book is ready! It has been over eleven years in the making and I must admit the writing part seems to be the easiest, however getting it published is more of a challenge, three edits and lots of learning curves. At last, it is on its way to the printers, making way for the planned second and third books which are also underway, the plan is to have book two out within a year from now.

The first book The Phoenix Within, is about the early part of my journey and some of the difficulties and challenges I faced on my path of growth, intertwined with life’s lessons. There are also development points, simple exercises for you to use in your own development, my aim is to make things easier for you than they were for me. It is written very conversationally, and not with any academic skill, as I am dyslexic and my use of grammar and words are written to you as if you were a close friend, so imagine you’re sat by a fire sharing a cup of tea and biscuits.

The mystery of who was the man in the dream who was to change my life, why was I asked to take my first spirit message to Manchester to the man in black. The adventure leads me to this very point, where I stand today.

RRP £8.99

My second book in the making will be ‘Release Your Phoenix’ which will be is an exercise workbook to aid personal growth and development of mind, body and spirit , taking into consideration, we live in a busy western world with never enough time.