Book Releases

Look out for the phoenix within range of books and CDs which are pending publication,

The Phoenix Within

This is the start of my journey and is presently being edited, the book is a true story of an awakening with a difference which leads me to where I am now, with simple practices you can learn to awaken yourself, to be released September 2014.

Release Your Phoenix

A working handbook to aid your spiritual growth and development, with step by step lessons. some of which are extracts from the classes.

The Phoenix in the Shadows

This is the darker part of my journey and not a book for the beginner, but for those who are working at an advanced level against the dark.

Phoenix Visions and Dreams

This is a book full of meditations, visualisations and journeys, for growth and relaxation, some of these will also be available on CD later in the year.

The Phoenix in Flight

The future and the middle part of my journey.

Shadow Walker

This book talks about the journey and the ups and downs of a shadow walker’s life

Forthcoming CD’s

‘Visons and dream’, meditations with full musical sound backing tracks

Toning with the Angels’ rays  tones and sound to the angels and masters invoking sacred power keys.

‘Shaman’s breath’  a mix of songs, dance, trance, and devotion,

‘Notes of the Heart’  a range of music and love songs which fall within the notes of the heart.