How Sound and Light Affect Our Mind, Body and Spirit

Tones and sounds are vibrational frequencies measured in Herts (vibratory cycles per second)

Light is also made up of vibrations and frequencies.

Sound vibrations affect the brain by stimulating chemicals to be released, which may have a number of therapeutic effects, on different moods, and physical parts of the body. Each of our body systems vibrates at a set frequency, by applying tones and sounds in a range of preferred formats we can promote the balance of right and left brain, creating feel good chemicals and hormones. We can stimulate a range of outcomes from new cell growth to creating higher states of mind.

Sounds create waves of vibration that move through the body, as they do so they assist in releasing negative thought forms, as well as vibrating the physical body down to a cellular level.

Sound healing can be applied in many ways, you do not need to be able to sing or play an instrument,

Just humming along or toning “Arr”. You could try playing a piece of your favourite music and see how it affects your emotional state of mind.

At Sacred Sound Healing & Arts Centre our Phoenix Within classes explore a wide range of sound and light healing applications from manifesting desires to reaching your highest potential, spiritual advancement, and self-healing.

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