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Monday classes from The Phoenix Within

Angelic and Higher Order of Sound and Light

Date: Every first Monday of the month
Cost: £5

This class has been running for six years, and started it life as a structured taught class, after the 11.11.11. 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 transmission this class vibrational energy’s, took a leap forwards changed in format and now is known as one of the highest vibrational classes to be held at the centre, this class is predominately channelled from the higher order of sound and light energy’s of the Hathors, angels, masters, mico orbital angelic’s, Arcturinas, Arthurian , using the highest light vibrations we are able to hold in our physical form, it works with the higher levels of the twenty-two chakras, crystal grids, sacred geometry and sound are only a few aspects of this class.

Please note due to the higher level of vibration at times as we advance in our vibration growth you may experience mild discomfort such as headache dizziness. this is due to the fact that the vibrations may be new to your auric energy field, stay with it and next time you will feel comfortable as you advance and grow.

Higher Order

Sacred Phoenix Meditation Class

Date: Date 2nd Monday of the month
Cost: £5

This is one of the new classes hear at the centre, it focuses on mediation and creating higher states of awareness, and journeys through the use of sacred tools and grids sound and colour, exploring the effects of these tools on mind body and spirit, a class for those wishing to expand their mind energy, opening up unlimited possibility and exploration.


First Steps Phoenix Development

Date: Third Monday of the month
Cost: £5

This is a beginner’s class, focusing on the first steps to opening the mind, if you want to be a healer, medium, scrying, or work with spiritual energies of light , learn about chakras, how to see auras, how to move energy, etc then this class will help you develop and eventually release your phoenix, a practical hands-on class with simple exercises from the book: Release Your Phoenix (publication pending)


Energy Healing Share

Date: Fourth Monday of the month
Cost: £3

This is a group healing session, a light meditation to put us in the healing zone, were we use a range of energy healing, sharing and healing each other, Reiki , angelic, master, Atlatinan, spiritual but to name a few healing vibrations, that may flow through this class.

Energy Healing

Thursday classes from The Phoenix Within

Self-healing Phoenix

Date: Every first Thursday of the month
Cost: £5

This class has been running for four years, as the saying goes, “Physician heal thy self” we are up against a barrage of pollution’s, and chemical in our food and water, a daily onslaught on our health and well-being, the responsibility lies within ourselves to do the best we can to self-heal, it may not present a total cure but provide ways of managing your dis-ease yourself , so if you want to learn and explore many different aspects of complementary and holistic healing, then this class may provide you with support, and knowledge.
from time to time talks and demonstration’s by other health therapists will be present and pre-advertised on our dates for your diary page.

Mindful Mantra for the Western World

Date: Every second Thursday of the month
Cost: £5

A lively class of music, chant, dance, meditation, in a friendly jam style session. mantra has been around for thousands of years, it transcends religion and can be used by all faiths and beliefs, it take the vibrational seeds sounds of mantra and integrates them with the universal vibrations, creating positive manifestation’s like getting a house, job, money…..healing and devotional energy’s, it’s all do-able by using mantra chants, we liven the session up by creating our own harmonies’ music and sounds, you don’t need to be abele to sing , or have a good voice, just be willing to create an abundance of good things in your life.


Release Your Phoenix (Psychic development class)

Date: Third Thursday of the month
Cost: £5

This is the longest running class of all, and focuses on your development of mind body and spirit, from channelling, to seeing auras, this class is varied and mixed, practical hands on or deep journeying, we working with esoteric teachings, science and quantum physics in small bit size pieces, we explore all aspects and also each other’s faiths and beliefs we are a multi-faith group and believe that regardless of what or who we believe in. We are one and Earth is our home.


Shamanic Drumming and Sacred Sound

Date: The fourth Thursday of the month
Cost: £5

A very lively and popular class good for healing and letting your hair down, shamanic drumming, healing drum , chant, ancestral, song, drum talk journeying, dance as the mood takes you, with native Indian energy’s, mother earth father sky connections. Bring your own drum if you have one, we have spares to borrow for the class and purchase.

Occasionally there is a fifth Thursday in a month.
Sacred sound training, jam, talk or demonstrations.
See the months Calendar for more information…

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