Coming this September

Up and coming at the new centre will be new classes, workshops and events you can expect a range of the following and much more at the new Sacred Sound Healing & Arts Centre.

Classes & Workshops

Self-help workshops/classes

  • Reiki and energy healing share £3
  • Keep fit with fitness trainer Shane
  • Self Healing Phoenix
  • Alternative healing

Health and well-being workshops

Presented by a range of agencies and therapists

  • Living with Cancer Presented by Linda Rickett
  • Create a Better Memory, presented by Paul Stevens
  • Stress management sessions
  • Meditation / relaxation for monkey mind
  • Mind over matter, coping with long-term disease
  • Bravery, confidence and self-esteem building
  • Sound baths, one to ones or group sessions
  • Didgeridoo sound healing with Gregg Chapman

Sound & Music for Health and well-being

  • Mindful mantra for the western world
  • Mantra for beginners
  • Sacred sound jam sessions
  • Sacred sound shamanic drumming
  • Djembe jam with Karl & Kaz
  • Gong baths with Gong master Julie frier
  • Sacred movement/ dance class with Karl & Angie
  • Didgeridoo sound baths with Gregg Chapman
  • Art and sound
  • Sacred sound shows

Creative Classes & Workshops

  • Making it workshops, a wide range of subject matter, light fun workshops to be arranged for all ages.
  • Make your own shamanic drum with Sharman Lee Banister
  • Making percussion instruments
  • Seasonal arts & crafts

Training Courses from The Phoenix Within

  • Reiki training & attunements level one, two, and masters/ teachers
  • The magic of sound and colour*
  • Angelic & higher order sounds * Introduction weekend workshops*

Diploma courses 2017 /2018

Sanskrit mantra level one & two
Full magic of colour and Sacred Sound healing dip
and much more

Rooms to hire for therapies, teachers and practitioners

Rooms available to hire for talks, demos, classes and meetings linked to health and well-being, education and arts
Art & exhibition space available to hire

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